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How to survive a heatwave wedding!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A thermometer being held up to a sunny sky
How to survive a heatwave wedding

With temperatures set to soar again this week, how do you make sure your wedding party and guests don't overheat?

The UK is currently experiencing record breaking temperatures with weather warnings being issued.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast in the weeks before your big day and if the temperatures start to rocket then you may need to take some action to keep everyone safe and well.

If your wedding is taking place at a venue, then contact your coordinator to ask them what steps the venue will be taking to ensure wellbeing. If your wedding is taking place in a tipi, marquee or outdoors then it is especially important that you look after vulnerable guests.

Here are my 5 top tips:

1. The wedding party should always have a chilled morning before the ceremony, but in extreme temperatures it's really important to stay cool. Drink plenty of water and leave getting dressed to the last possible moment, especially the men if they are wearing suits and the bride, in her dress. If possible have fans set up in the dressing rooms or purchase hand held fans. Some venues may be able to provide air conditioning units, so it's worth asking.

2. Try to keep wedding flowers such as bouquets and buttonholes out of the sun light, in a cool dark place. If your florist has delivered them in water, then check it's kept topped up. Remember to dry the stems off when you are ready to hold them so they don't drip on dresses and outfits. If they aren't in water give them a spritz of water now and then to keep them fresh. Following these tips will keep yur flowers looking fresh on the big day!

3. Your makeup artist should have lots of top tips for keeping your makeup looking fresh. If you are doing your own makeup then Daizi Reynolds from Beauty by Daizi in Wiltshire has these tips.

  • Before any wedding I recommend starting a good skincare routine a few weeks beforehand to make sure your skin is in the best condition possible. If we're having lovely sunny weather, ensure you use a high SPF sun cream, no-one wants sunburn on their wedding day!

  • On the day make sure you use as many oil free products as possible. Starting with a good oil free moisturiser. One with SPF in is best, to save another layer of sun cream.

  • For the base of your makeup use a good quality primer. This will balance out your skin and create a great base for your foundation.

  • If your makeup is too heavy there is potential for it to crease or melt. If you can, use a tinted moisturiser and concealer instead of a thicker cream foundation.

  • If using bronzer or highlighting powders, stick only to the areas that would be hit by the sun - high cheeks, nose and forehead.

  • An eyeshadow primer is also a must to avoid eyelid creases.

  • You may also want to consider before the big day, either a lash lift and tint or eyelash extensions, which will enhance your eyes and negate the need for too much mascara or potentially melting strip lashes!

  • Go for softer colours rather than bold if you can, so if anything does slip it's not too obvious!

Beauty treatments and lovely Tropic Skincare and makeup products are available from

4. Keeping your guests cool and hydrated is essential. Make sure there's plenty of fresh water available, and place individual bottles under chairs for the ceremony. You can also provide jugs of iced water and cups. Set up a sunscreen station to encourage guests to apply and reapply sun protection. And don't forget to leave a stylish fan on each chair for guests to use!

5. If you have planned a destination wedding, then it's possible that you have already considered your wedding outfits and have opted for light materials and warm weather designs. But with the UK summer weather at unexpected temperatures, your wedding dress or grooms clothes may be not what you would have opted for had you known. Don't panic! There are some simple swaps you may able to make, for example, buying short sleeved shirts for the groom, bestman, father of the bride. Younger flower girls may want to change out of their dress after the ceremony into something still pretty but more cooling, such as a cotton dress. If your dress is heavy, or with longer sleeves, why not consider a high street wedding dress for the evening? You can still look like a bride without breaking the bank, and you get to have TWO wedding dresses!

My role in on the day coordination is to keep an eye on everything! In this hot weather I will be looking after guests, making sure the wedding cake isn't melting and the bride isn't wilting! Whatever the weather on your wedding day, it will be amazing!

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